Attica First Presbyterian Church

Our History

        We trace are roots back to 1809 when it all started.  We first started as the First Congregational Society on September 21,1809.  They held their worship at a Meeting House in Attica.  This was organized by Rev. Royal Phelps.  From 1809 to 1823 the congregation kept in a dual relationship with the Congregational Denomination and the Presbyterian denomination.  In 1823 it was voted that we would bestow in a relationship with the Presbytery of Genesee. 

        In 1828-1829 a wood frame church was built and served the congregation for about 45 years.  The land was deeded to the Presbyterian Society by Parmenio Adams with the understanding that it should be used for church purposes.  The building was constructed by a Mr. Hurd.  The steeple was built on the grounds and raised bodily with gin poles.  The meeting house was erected under the superintendecy of Harvey Putnam, G.B. Rich, and Owen Cotton of the building committee.  Then in 1835 it was voted to conform to the Presbyterian Church in the United States.  The first installed Presbyterian pastor was Rev. James B. Shaw.  Then in 1873 the meeting house was sold to Ruben Lemon who moved it down Main St and placed it next to the creek.  In 1873 where the meeting house was a red brick church was built and still stand today. 

       The organ in the rear of the santuary is a Johnson and Son, Opus No.744, built in 1890.  It was the gift of Robert S Stevens, who also had contributed generously to the building of the red-brick church sanctuarty.  The organ stands in the rea rgallery so the tone is projected freely into the church.  There are 912 pipes in the 17 ranks.  The manual compass is 58 notes, CC to a3; pedal compass is 27 notes, CCC to D.  The center flat pipes of the Great 8' Open Diapason;  the end flats are dummy pipes. 

       In 1909 we celebrated are 100th year as a congregation.  In 1935 the name was official changed to The First Presbyterian Church of Attica.  Our tracker organ celebrated in 100th year of playing joyful music to all that attended and still attend service.  Last known it is only 1 out of 4 left from the 20 that where made in 1890.  In 1958 an expansion was added the Parish Hall.  In 1973 the church celebrated 100 years in the same building.

       In 2009 we celebrated are 200th year as a congregation.